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The following support options are provided to help answer questions about TaxNOW plugins.

Installation and Setup Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Where can I get your plugin for shopping cart X?
      You can purchase premium plugins in our Shop. Free and older versions of our plugins can be downloaded on our Get It Now page.
    • How much does this cost?
      Premium plugins are priced as marked in the Shop. Older versions are made available for free. Premium support is also available for a small fee. Support options are listed on the Get It Now page.
    • What kind of licensing does your software carry?
      The plugins available for download on our Get It Now page carry the GPL2 or GPL3 free software license. Portions of the embedded code which came from Avalara’s “AvaTax for PHP” SDK are licensed under Apache 2.0. Other software available for purchase on this site is privately licensed and copyright Adipietro Technology Services LLC.

Need more help?

Submit a support ticket at our FreshDesk support portal (

You can also purchase a premium support package for personal assistance. Support packages are listed at the bottom of our Get It Now page.