Major Update to AvaTax for WooCommerce

[Sunday, October 25, 2015]

AvaTax TaxNOW for WooCommerce version 2.3 is here! This is a major overhaul, with a new look that integrates even better with WooCommerce. This package installs under a new name, AvaTax for WooCommerce, instead of TaxNOW for WooCommerce. As a result of this, you’ll need to disable and delete your TaxNOW plugin before installing the new version. Most settings should be retained through this process, but check the Support area for instructions on how to get going after you update.

New and existing users can download the update package for free from our store. Remember, if we have made customizations to your plugin, please check with us before attempting to install this update.

TaxNOW compatibility update for WooCommerce 2.3

[Friday, May 15, 2015]

TaxNOW for WooCommerce version 2.2.2 is now live, and fixes an issue with WooCommerce versions 2.3 and higher. Login to download it from your order history page, or update directly from your WordPress admin Plugins page.

If we have customized your TaxNOW installation, please contact us for assistance with your upgrade. As always, reach out to our support team if you have any problems!

TaxNOW for Woo Tested on WooCommerce 2.2.4

And… it works! TaxNOW for WooCommerce 2.2.1 is confirmed to work on WooCommerce 2.2.4 and WordPress 4.0 on our test server. Hit our contact form if you run into any trouble in your environment after upgrading.

If you don’t have TaxNOW for Woo 2.2.1 yet, please log into the customer area and download a fresh copy of the “taxnow_woo-2.2” install package.

NEW! TaxCloud plugin for WP e-Commerce is now available

[Posted Wednesday March 5, 2014]

We are excited to release a new plugin for WP e-Commerce shop owners! We have teamed up with TaxCloud to bring you a very low cost solution to automate sales tax for small businesses. As with our other plugins, this solution provides:

  • Automatic, accurate, and on-demand sales tax calculation during customer checkout.
  • USPS address validation and correction.
  • All sales data is automatically sent to your TaxCloud account, where you can instantly generate and file state sales tax returns.
  • Fully certified for compatibility with FedTax’s TaxCloud service.
  • Meets all data requirements for U.S. Streamlined Sales Tax (SSUTA).
  • Tested with WordPress 3.8 and WP e-Commerce 3.8.13.x.
  • Includes a professional multi-page checkout solution for WPEC.

Note: The TaxCloud service is for businesses collecting sales and use tax in the United States only.


AvaTax TaxNOW for WooCommerce v2.2
with Global VAT

[Posted Saturday February 15, 2014]

More new features for even more awesomeness!

  • We are excited to announce the availability of global VAT tax calculation! Now WooCommerce store owners outside of the United States and Canada can enjoy the same great tax automation services.
  • TaxNOW has been fully re-certified for compatibility with all the features of Avalara’s AvaTax service.
  • Now meets all data requirements for U.S. Streamlined Sales Tax (SSUTA).
  • Tested with WordPress 3.8.1 and WooCommerce 2.1.2.

As always, existing users can login to the client area to access your available downloads.

What else are we working on? Limited support for tax exempt sales. And an option to truncate U.S. postal codes to 5 digits, since some shipping calculators don’t yet support ZIP+4. Want to request additional features? Let us know on the Contact page!

[NOTICE] users: Our internal testing has revealed some problems between the AIM extension (v1.4.1) and the latest WooCommerce release (v2.1). If you use the AIM extension, we recommend waiting on your WooCommerce upgrade until the AIM plugin receives an update. This issue does not apply to TaxNOW or to the DPM/SIM versions of the plugin.



TaxNOW for WooCommerce v2.1 is now available!

[Posted Wednesday Dec 11, 2013]

We’ve added several new features at the request of our user community. Here is a summary of the changes.

  • New: Total taxes are now displayed as a separate line on the Order Confirmation (Thank You page) and Email receipts.
  • New: Option to use the Customer’s Name instead of their email address as the “customer id” on AvaTax transactions.
  • New: “Sales Tax Holiday” mode – applies an after-tax discount equal to the total tax amount on all orders. Customers will see the total tax followed by a tax discount, which is in addition to any other discounts applied to the order. The discount name is also configurable in settings.
  • New: Before-tax discounts are now sent to AvaTax and included in their tax calculations.
  • Fixed: Before-tax and after-tax discounts should now be correctly applied during checkout.

Existing users, please login to the client area to access your available downloads.

What’s coming soon: VAT support and Global certification. Limited support for tax exempt sales. And an option to truncate U.S. postal codes to 5 digits, since some shipping calculators don’t yet support ZIP+4.

[UPDATE – Dec 13, 2013] We have confirmed support for WordPress 3.8 and WooCommerce 2.0.20!


UPDATE: TaxNOW for WooCommerce version 2.0.3

[Posted Thursday Sept 19, 2013]

This is a bug fix release. It is recommended that all users upgrade, to prevent a possible situation where taxes might fail to commit to AvaTax. If your installation has been modified, please contact us first for recommendations.

Please use the Login menu to access your order history and available downloads.

We’re also working on lots of new features for the upcoming version 2.1 release. Stay tuned for more!


Product Tax Codes now available for WooCommerce

TaxNOW for WooCommerce v2.0.2 is now available. This update restores the product-specific tax codes functionality, and adds a few new features. Purchase from our Shop, or Login to your customer account page to download the latest version.

If you were using product tax codes in earlier releases, this update will automatically upgrade your product tax codes from v1.x format to v2.x format during plugin activation.

Product tax codes can be set in the WooCommerce product editor. Look for the TaxNOW tab in the Product Details section, just below your product description.

Note: An AvaTax account is needed for full plugin functionality. Sign up for a 30-day free trial on Avalara’s website,
or check out our Live Demo Site !

TaxNOW plugins: Instant AvaTax integration

TaxNOW brand plugins provide simple, instant integration of Avalara’s AvaTax Calc service inside your CRM or e-commerce platform. TaxNOW currently supports Salesforce CRM and WP e-Commerce shopping cart for WordPress. More platforms will be added in the future. Read more at the links above.


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