TaxCloud plugin for WP e-Commerce is now available

We are excited to release a new plugin for WP e-Commerce shop owners! We have teamed up with TaxCloud to bring you a very low cost solution to automate sales tax for small businesses. As with our other plugins, this solution provides:

  • Automatic, accurate, and on-demand sales tax calculation during customer checkout.
  • USPS address validation and correction.
  • All sales data is automatically sent to your TaxCloud account, where you can instantly generate and file state sales tax returns.
  • Fully certified for compatibility with FedTax’s TaxCloud service.
  • Meets all data requirements for U.S. Streamlined Sales Tax (SSUTA).
  • Tested with WordPress 3.8 and WP e-Commerce 3.8.13.x.
  • Includes a professional multi-page checkout solution for WPEC.

Note: The TaxCloud service is for businesses collecting sales and use tax in the United States only.