TaxNOW for WooCommerce Setup

TaxNOW for WooCommerce Installation Instructions


  • Avalara account credentials. Purchase an Avalara subscription to get your credentials, or sign up for a free trial.
  • WordPress v3.5 or later.
  • WooCommerce 2.0 or later.
  • An administrator account in WordPress.

TaxNOW is not guaranteed to work with all possible combinations of WordPress themes, plugins or WooCommerce extensions. But we would like to know if you do encounter a problem.


  • TaxNOW installation is just like any typical WordPress plugin. First, purchase and download the plugin package (.ZIP) file. Then go to your WordPress dashboard and click on Plugins, click on Add New, click on Upload. Next click on Choose File, select the location where you downloaded the package file, and click on Install Now. When WordPress is finished installing, you can also click on the Activate link to enable TaxNOW immediately.

Configuration Steps

1. Make sure the WooCommerce plugin is activated. Confirm that Woo’s built-in Tax settings are disabled and left blank.


2. Click on the Activate link to enable TaxNOW.


3. TaxNOW will create a new section under WooCommerce’s dashboard panel once activated. Enter your company’s shipping address and Avalara subscription credentials on the Tax tab.


4. Explanation of Options:


Disable Tax Calculation – disables tax requests sent to AvaTax, including temporary calculations during checkout as well as finalized sales transactions.

Disable Address Validation – disables USPS address verification and correction. TaxNOW will accept anything as an address if this is checked, so be careful.

Default Tax Code for Products – AvaTax system tax code to be applied whenever a tax code is not defined for the product. Product taxability mapping is a feature of AvaTax.

Default Tax Code for Shipping – AvaTax system tax code to be applied whenever a freight tax code is not defined for the product. Shipping/freight taxability mapping is a feature of AvaTax.

Send Customer Name instead of Email – AvaTax Customer Code uses customer email address as the default value to identify customers on your AvaTax admin console. Setting this option will replace the email address with the customer’s name in the Customer Code field.

Enable “Free Tax” Discount – When this option is checked, all orders will receive an after-tax discount equal to the calculated tax amount. The discount will be shown on the checkout payment page.

Tax Discount Description – Changes the description text next to the “Free Tax” discount line item during checkout.

Business ID for VAT users – Business Identification Number (VAT ID) for businesses collecting VAT tax on store sales.


Address Filters

Limit Tax Calculation – Compute sales tax only in the selected U.S. states or Canadian provinces, such as your store’s origin location. This option will control the communications between your website and AvaTax, and is useful if you are not required to collect sales tax in all states.

Limit Address Validation – Prevents AvaTax from attempting to validate addresses outside the selected countries. (Note that AvaTax address validation is currently limited to US and Canada only.) Global VAT users should either disable address validation, or set this option to force validation in US and Canada only.


Avalara Credentials
These are provided when you purchase a subscription. A Test Connection button is provided to verify your credentials are entered correctly.

Origin Address
Enter the address of your company, or your primary Ship From address if different. Clicking on the Validate button will verify the address you entered exists. It will also offer to correct and format the address according to USPS standards.

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