TaxNOW for Salesforce

Need automated sales tax inside of Salesforce? TaxNOW automatically calculates sales and use taxes for Salesforce Quotes and Opportunities.

TaxNOW for Salesforce puts automatic sales tax calculation and address verification inside of Salesforce. This is done by creating a cloud-to-cloud connection from your Salesforce org to the AvaTax calc sales tax decision engine from Avalara, the leader in cloud-based sales tax compliance.

TaxNOW makes your sales order and fulfillment process more efficient by eliminating the need to create and maintain in-house sales tax calculation tables, often prone to typos when entering data, and wasted time syncing data between sales and accounting teams.

TaxNOW applies precisely the correct tax for your transactions on the line item level. Taxes are provided automatically from Avalara’s web service and inserted directly into Salesforce Quotes or Opportunities.

“Because many cities in Texas share a common ZIP code and many ZIP codes encompass an area both inside and outside a taxing jurisdiction, we do not recommend using them as a method of reporting local sales and use tax.”
– Texas State Comptroller Office

How does it work?

TaxNOW is a set of Salesforce classes and custom objects needed to get up and running quickly with AvaTax Calc in your Salesforce Org.

The Apex SDK is the engine TaxNOW uses enabling cloud-to-cloud calls directly to Avalara’s AvaTax servers.

Avalara Avatax Calc calculates tax on over 100,000 taxability rules in greater than 17,000 jurisdictions, and instantly applies these to each line item of your order transactions.

Why use Avalara’s AvaTax?

Eliminate Time Consuming, Inaccurate Local Tax Tables. Avalara’s AvaTax eliminates the need to use local tax tables, which are both time consuming due to managing monthly changes to thousands of sales tax rates, and are NOT compliant as zip codes alone are insufficient to determine sales tax jurisdictions and the appropriate sales tax rates.

Pinpoint Accuracy. AvaTax calculates sales tax based on the ‘roof-top’ destination address. The solution leverages GIS Mapping technology (latitude/longitude) for jurisdictional assignments so all of the appropriate taxing authorities are applied to the ship-to address including State, County, City, Special Taxing Jurisdictions, etc.

Address Validation. AvaTax provides address validation (AVS) functionality which normalizes every ship-to address. AvaTax checks addresses against an enhanced USPS CASS™ certified database to correct and standardize the destination address, including auto-correction of incomplete addresses, misspelled street names, missing ZIP codes, etc. This helps eliminate mis-shipments and relieves the cost burden of additional services to cleanse your customer address data.

Extensive Product Taxability Coverage. Avalara maintains thousands of Product and Service Tax Codes which can be used to mask variable tax rules to ensure no matter what you sell and where or when you sell it, the correct sales tax is applied.

Centralized, Flexible and Secure Management. Avalara provides customers access to a centralized AvaTax dashboard (only available on the TaxNOW Pro plan) for setting up single or multiple companies under one account, with the ability to identify specific tax rules like nexus, product taxability, and sales tax exemption for each unique company. Multiple users and access levels can be created for dashboard access.

Outsourced Filing. AvaFile Managed Returns Service gives companies the ability to outsource the entire sales tax filing process, from filing the tax return documents to remittance of payment for sales tax liabilities. With AvaFile, you can be certain an accurate return will be filed in the correct format and at the correct time.


  • Salesforce Enterprise edition or Unlimited Edition account
  • Avalara AvaTax Calc SDK or SDK Pro account
  • TaxNOW for SF Quotes also requires the Quotes feature to be enabled in Salesforce

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