TaxNOW for WooCommerce v2.1 is now available!

[Posted Wednesday Dec 11, 2013]

We’ve added several new features at the request of our user community. Here is a summary of the changes.

  • New: Total taxes are now displayed as a separate line on the Order Confirmation (Thank You page) and Email receipts.
  • New: Option to use the Customer’s Name instead of their email address as the “customer id” on AvaTax transactions.
  • New: “Sales Tax Holiday” mode – applies an after-tax discount equal to the total tax amount on all orders. Customers will see the total tax followed by a tax discount, which is in addition to any other discounts applied to the order. The discount name is also configurable in settings.
  • New: Before-tax discounts are now sent to AvaTax and included in their tax calculations.
  • Fixed: Before-tax and after-tax discounts should now be correctly applied during checkout.

Existing users, please login to the client area to access your available downloads.

What’s coming soon: VAT support and Global certification. Limited support for tax exempt sales. And an option to truncate U.S. postal codes to 5 digits, since some shipping calculators don’t yet support ZIP+4.

[UPDATE – Dec 13, 2013] We have confirmed support for WordPress 3.8 and WooCommerce 2.0.20!